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We are getting ready for the Enchantment Economy

Your Transformational, Currency of the Future

Join the Private PRE-SALE Today!
1- If is the first time Click on IMPORT.

2- Choose the token you want for swap for US$REGEN in the first field.

3- Select US$REGEN in the second field, Connect your wallet and Swap.  
   (add your US$REGEN tokens to the liquidity pool for passive income.)

The 3 pillars of our strong ecosystem.

The ecosystem

Metaverse EARTH 3.0


Dedicated blockchain,   consensus algorithms, global adoption, regenerative output. Quality.


Metaverse Earth 3.0

Living and Virtual Platform
Dedicated resources & infrastructure, ESG & SRI, regenerative environments, Proof-of Evidence, high yield.

Metaverse EARTH 3.0

Global Family
World community in peace, RFI static reflection, collective treasure, interaction & exchange, articulation for the care of life.

Three key properties characterize 
US$REGEN cryptocurrency

Common Treasure
Common treasury and re-investment in land & productive value chains to give back up to the currency with defined purposes.

Makes only exchangeable assets that generate a neutral or regenerative return for the planet & the people.

Static Reflection
2% of all transactions is distributed to all cryptocurrency holders as passive income.

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