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Pioneers of the Sumak Kawsay Ecosystem

Welcome to the exciting journey of becoming a part of our unique ecosystem through the presale of Unity Tokens. This guide provides comprehensive instructions on purchasing Unity Tokens using your Visa card through our innovative NFT option, along with details on how to claim your tokens and NFT share.



Pioneers of the Sumak Kawsay Ecosystem

Exclusive Pre-Sale Opportunity
  • The Unity Access NFT serves a dual purpose. First, it acts as a straightforward path to acquiring Unity Tokens during the presale phase, allowing investors to use their Visa cards for the purchase – a rare convenience in the digital token space.

    Second, it provides holders with a share in a unique NFT. This NFT is not just a piece of digital art; it represents a collective investment that will be auctioned at a later date. Owners of the Unity Access NFT will receive a proportion of the final auction price, turning their investment into a potential source of profit and engagement in the world of NFTs.

    I acknowledge and understand that $10.20 corresponds to the price per unit of the Unity Token I am purchasing and the share of the NFT allocated to me will be calculated based on the quantity of Unity Tokens purchased.

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